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Welcome to the W.B.A.C. Grand Prix 2020
The W.B.A.C. Grand Prix -WORLD BALLET ART COMPETITION is a Premier International Ballet Competition and one of the most prestigious cultural events. It aims to promote the art of ballet dancing, connect young dancers from different cultural backgrounds, give potential stars of the future their chance to shine and to expand professional opportunities, provide scholarships, medals, prizes and most important to give an unforgettable educational experience.






Our Testimonials

Kokoa Okubo (ClassicalGroup C 1st Place Award _

Japan 19Kokoa Okubo (ClassicalGroup C 1st Place Award _

Anna won 1st Place Contemporary and 2nd Place Classical at the WBAC Grand Prix International Ballet Competition advancing to finals! We are so happy for Anna who deserves this for all her hard work in classes!!Thank you.

Anna Turkington.Cadence

I had great fun competing at The World Art Ballet Competition – Grand Prix 2014-2015. I enjoyed meeting the other dancers who were all very nice. Of all the competitions I have been in I felt the feedback after finals from the judges was the most helpful I have ever received. It was an honor to dance in the Gala with stars from ABT, NYCB and Eifman Ballet. The best part of the competition for me was winning the summer scholarship to the Rosella Hightower School in Cannes, France. All the teachers were amazing at Rosella Hightower! I feel I improved my ballet technique and had great exposure to contemporary and jazz dance. It was one of the best summer intensives I ever attended and hope to go back next summer.

Julia Anne ConwayCompetitor

塩見 苺菜(Mana Shiomi)Classic Group B 1st Place Award WBACの審査員の先生、事務局の皆様 このたびはお世話になりました。 私はこのコンクールで1位を頂けたこと、スカラシップを頂けたこと、とても嬉しく思います! このコンクールに出場させていただき、色々なことを学びました。 1日目のワークショップでは、ロシア人の先生に教えていただきました。 すごく綺麗な先生で見とれてしまうほどでした。 体のラインや動きがとても美しくて、私もあんなふうになれたらいいな、と思いました! 真近で教わることができ、とてもいい経験ができました。 2日目の舞台審査では、やっぱり緊張していましたが、お客様に楽しんでいただけるように意識して踊りました。 とても楽しかったです。 この2日間で私にはたくさんの課題があることを改めて知りました。 これからも日々のレッスンを大切に、もっともっと大きな人間になれるよう頑張ります!! ありがとうございました。

Japan 19塩見 苺菜(Mana Shiomi)Classic Group B 1st Place Award

Our Testimonials

Abbey enjoyed her experience at World Ballet Art Competition – Grand Prix 2014-2015. Participating in the ‘Dance Planet – Gala’ at the end was such a highlight. For aspiring dancers it is extremely motivating and inspiring to be in the company of some of the best professional dancers of today. Participating at the WBAC helped build Abbey’s confidence as a dancer and solidify her desire to try to pursue ballet as a profession.

Daynia MarrisonMother of Abbey Marrison

Group B Osuke Ide 2018
It is a big honor for me to have a wonderful scholarship for Canada’s National Ballet School this time.
I was able to get closer to the goal of studying abroad and learning abroad.
I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and I will do my best.
Thank you very much for everyone at the WBAC Japan Semifinal Secretariat, the judges and the teachers who instructed us.

Ide Ousuke(mother)B boys 1st price
井出 真名美

Ide OusukeJapan

My daughter Julia enjoyed competing in the World Arts Ballet Competition- Grand Prix 2014-2015. I found the competition well run and organized. Even though the level of the competitors was strong the environment was friendly and positive. The competition staff and judges did a great job creating an atmosphere in which each competitor could feel valued and at ease. Julia was awarded a summer scholarship from the Rosella Hightower School in Cannes, France, which she attended in June 2015. Both the ballet and contemporary dance training at Rosella Hightower was outstanding!

Elizabeth ConwayMother of Julia Anne Conway

We are so excited to be heading to @wbac_grandprix finals today!! Tomorrow will be a big day as our students compete with dancers from across the world!! We couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work leading up to this and we are so excited to see them hit the stage!! Merde beauties!!! ? @schoolofcadenceballet @scb_dancers @wbac_grandprix #schoolofcadenceballet #wbacgrandprix #wbacgrandprix2016 #wbacgrandprixfinals

CadenceThe School of Cadence Ballet

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