Michael J Fox Theatre

First opened in 1993 as the "Theatre at Burnaby South", the Michael J Fox Theatre now includes a 613-seat auditorium with great sightlines to a professional stage, with fine lighting and audio systems, green rooms, dressing rooms, an expanded lobby, and a gallery for visual arts and meetings. The Theatre now supports community performances from many diverse cultures – music, drama, comedy, musical theatre, orchestras, choirs, thousands of dancers – as well as business meetings, educational seminars and conferences. Located near [...]

Canada’s National Ballet School

National Audition Tour 2018/19 Dates and Locations National Audition Tour 2018/19 Dates and Locations Students who simply love to dance and do not wish to audition can still participate in the National Audition Tour by registering for an open class. Tour schedule and dates are listed below. If you are an international student and are unable to attend an audition, you can send a video application. Note to parents: When registering for your audition, please register your child for the grade he/she [...]


A&A BALLET is devoted to training in strong, versatile dance technique, as well as the development of PERSONALITY, INDEPENDENCE, and ARTISTRY in young dancers. Founded and led by internationally acclaimed artists and former Founding Artistic Directors of the Joffrey Academy and Joffrey Studio Company, Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev, A&A BALLET offers a wide variety of classes, professional performance opportunities, private instruction, choreography, and training for dancers ranging in age from three to adults. A&A BALLET’s creative vision has been developed through the eyes [...]

Pro Arté Centre

Pro Arté Centre is an international training centre for promising young students wanting to enter the professional dance world. The Centre has world-class faculty and a fully-accredited academic program leading to graduationwiththeBritishColumbiaMinistryofEducation. Studentsreachtheir goals guided by mentors who support, encourage and teach excellence in both artistry and technical ability.

Academy of Russian Classical Ballet

Academy of Russian Classical Ballet is a pre-professional ballet school committed to providing the best classical ballet training to students of all ages. Teachers of Academy of Russian Classical Ballet (ARCB) follow the Vaganova curriculum that provide ballet students with a structured, scientific dance methodology, and encompasses a holistic pedagogical approach. We offer the most consecutive and competent technique system which is recognized as the best in the world. Students of ARCB receive experience and ballet exposure through Nutcracker performances, Spring [...]


ABOUT ACADEMY LEARN FROM THE BEST Academy, under the direction of Denis Gronostayskiy and Anastasia Babayeva, offers an incredible chance for students to learn from the best teachers in the world of ballet. Our goal is to provide dance education in positive and encouraging, yet disciplined environment where students gain an appreciation of dance, build self confidence and accomplish their personal goals. For generations, human civilizations have been dancing. Whether for cultural reasons or pure enjoyment, there’s a wonderful feeling that one gets [...]


Dancers entering Grade 5 and up are invited to audition for the School of Alberta Ballet's Summer Intensive - a three-week-long program that can be taken as summer experience, or as stage 2 of the audition for entry to the full-year Professional Division program. Our Professional Division season is September - June. The Professional Division consists of an intensive,  full-time dance and academic training program for students in grades 7 through 12, and a Professional Graduate dance program for post-secondary students. [...]

Ballet Arte Academy of Dance

Ballet Arte is a premiere ballet and dance training academy in Solana Beach.    We offer programs in ballet, pointe, modern dance and Pilates  for all ages from toddlers, to young boys and girls, teens, and adults.  The Directors are best known for their high quality training programs from beginners through pre-professional levels.  Ballet Arte offers their students a nurturing environment where each can develop and realize their technical and artistic abilities. Contact:  

Academy of Russian Ballet

Academy of Russian Ballet is a pre-professional ballet school with the students participating in all prestigious International ballet competitions,committed to provide world-class classical ballet training to its students and launch the next generation of dancers into the world stage We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to explore his or her fullest potential, and strive to make classical ballet training accessible to all talented students who have the desire to dance Students at Academy of Russian Ballet receive the same training as students of [...]

The Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington

Audition Schedules: Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington, DC is the only training program of its kind in the United States. It is a prestigious ballet and academic boarding school that prepares students ages 11-21 to become the next generation of classically trained ballet dancers through the principles and aesthetics of the Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet with world-renowned ballet instructors.Kirov is the only private school and non-profit organization that provides an accredited, stimulating academic curriculum, an active [...]