november, 2019

09nov(nov 9)8:00 am10(nov 10)8:00 pmNiagara Falls FinalsNovember 9-10, 2019

Event Details



Scotiabank Convention Centre

6815 Stanley Ave Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9 Canada

All participant upon arriving at Niagara Falls must make final registration at:

Place: Marriott on the Falls Hotel – Lobby, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W7

Date: November 8, 2019

Time:  The registration starts at 4:00 pm till 9:00 pm

( The teachers/participants will receive the passcard, master class registration number, schedule information)

The guests may purchase 2 days passcard to the Competition and Gala Performance at the hotel lobby
Date: November 8, 2019  Time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Price: CAN $25 dollars.
The guests can purchase 2 days passcard to the Competition and Gala Performance at the Theater on Nov 9.


GirlsBlack leotard and pink tights and black skirts.

BoysWhite T-shirts and Black tights.



11/8 – Friday

Registration 16:00-21:00           

All participant upon arriving at Niagara Falls must make final registration at:

Marriott on the Falls Hotel Lobby, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W7

(The teachers/participants will receive the pass card, master class registration number, schedule information)

The guests may purchase 2 days pass card to the Competition and Gala Performance at the hotel lobby. ($25 CAN)

11/9 – Saturday

Classical Master Class

10:00-11:00       Group C, D, and Pas de deux, Ensemble age14 up   – Company’s and Schools Audition

11:45-12:45        Group A and Ensemble age 8-10   Company’s and Schools Audition

14:10-15:10        Group B and Ensemble age 11-13   Company’s and Schools Audition

Competition schedule

8:30                          Open Theater

9:10                          Open stage for participants

9:30-11:30           Start Competition

……………………….Classical Group A, Second Group A, Group B(No101-224)

11:30-11:45         Open Stage for participants

11:45-13:45        Start Competition

……………………….Classical Group B, Second Group B, Group C (No225-314)

13:45-14:05        Open Stage for participants

14:10-16:10        Start Competition

……………………….Classical Group C, D, Second Group C, D, Third Group A, B, C(No315-531)

16:10-16:25        Open Stage for participants

16:25-17:15        Start Competition

………………………Ensemble (No551-561)

17:15-17:30        Open Stage for participants

17:30-19:30        Start Competition

………………………Contemporary Group A. Second Group A, C, Group B, Second Group B(No601-751)

19:30-19:45        Open Stage for participants

19:45-21:45        Start Competition

………………………Contemporary Group C, D Third Contemporary Group C, Pas de Deux, (No801-901)

11/10 – Sunday

Award ceremony rehearsal on stage *(must come all participants)

10:00-11:00        Group A, Ensemble age 8-10

11:15-12:15        Group B, Ensemble age11-13

12:30-13:30        Group C, D, Pas de deux, Ensemble age 14 up

Contemporary (Rehearsal) on Studio *(must come all participants)

Dress code: GirlsBlack leotard and pink tights and black skirts.

Boys- White T-shirts and Black tights.

10:00-11:00        Group B, Ensemble age11-13

11:15-12:15        Group C, D, Pas de deux, Ensemble age 14 up

12:30-13:30        Group A, Ensemble age 8-10

14:00-14:45        Contemporary rehearsal on stage

14:50-15:10        Canada National’s Ballet School Rehearsal

15:15-16:15        Rehearsal Award Ceremony

17:30-19:30        Award Ceremony

Contemporary performance:  Girls – Black leotard and skirts and pink tights

Boys – White T-shirts and Black Tights

Award ceremony: All participants must be in costumes


Group A
No     NameAge           VariationMusic
101Brittany Tesoriero7 FVariation from PaquitaON
102Vivien Palmer8 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeOFF
103Annika Angeline L Browne8 FGamzatti VariationON
104Adriana Oleksy8 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeON
105Carlin Ciocchetti9 FCoppelia Doll VariationON
106Amelie Bott-Suzuki9 FGiselle VariationOFF
107Pearl van Zoest10 FVariation from PaquitaON
108Sophie Na-ae Kim10 FRaymonda VariationON
109Clara Crane10 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeON
110Sophia Cho10 FPaquita VariationON
111Nora Grace Nguyen10 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeON
112Danica Des Champs10 FGiselle Peasant Pas VariationOFF
113Nanami Hara10 FVariation from PaquitaON
114Anne Denisse Tubongbanua10 FVariation from EsmeraldaON
115Ava Cerni10 FKitri Variation from Don Quixote Act IIIOFF
116Merritt Goheen10 FPaquita variation MazurkaON
117Ksenia Pototski10 FVariation from PaquitaOFF
118Charlene Se10 FSwanhilda VariationON
119Fina Sai10 FRaymonda VariationOFF
131Andrei Gronostayskiy8 MBlue Bird VariationON
132Yevgeni Gorboulev10 MVariation from The NutcrackerON
Second Classical
Group A
141Brittany Tesoriero7 FFairy Variation from Sleeping BeautyOFF
142Vivien Palmer8 FPrincess Florine VariationON
143Carlin Ciocchetti9 FPaquita Variation #4ON
144Amelie Bott-Suzuki9 FHarlequinade VariationOFF
145Pearl van Zoest10 FFlorine Variation from Sleeping BeautyON
146Sophie Na-ae Kim10 FCupid VariationON
147Clara Crane10 FHarlequinade VariationOFF
148Nora Grace Nguyen10 FPaquita Variation #4ON
149Ava Cerni10 FFlames of Paris VariationON
150Ksenia Pototski10 FVariation from Don QuixoteON
151Fina Sai10 FPaquita VariationON
152Annika Angeline L, Browne8 FVariation from Golden VineON
181Andrei Gronostayskiy8 MVariation from PaquitaON
Group B
201Fuyuka Kita11 FOdalisque Vacation from Le CorsaireON
202Ava Fischer11 FVariation from Fairy DollON
203Faith Batton11 FCupid Variation from Don QuixoteON
204Almira Justine N. Licudine11 FLa Esmeralda VariationON
205Kaela Backstrom11 FThree Odalisque Variation from Le CorsaireON
206Anna Yudovich11 FVariation from GiselleOFF
207Julianna Veretchak11 FOdalisque VariationON
208Sophie Zilberman11 FVariation from ballet Flames of ParisON
209Sana Oomori11 FVariation from Le CorsaireON
210Maria Yakushev11 FMedora Variation from Le CorsaireOFF
211Dasha Derkach11 FVariation from PaquitaON
212Norah Meekins.11 FVariation from Le CorsaireON
213Harper Kennedy11 FPaquita VariationON
214Ava Lim11 FPaquita VariationON
215Silvia Peinado12 FPrincess Florine VariationON
216Paris Svigos12 FVariation from ballet HarlequinadeOFF
217Zoe Shemet12 FVariation from Le CorsaireON
218Jessica Glaws12 FVariation from RaymondaOFF
219Sora Inokuchi12 FEsmeralda VariationON
220Nadya Veretchak12 FGiselle Peasant Pas VariationON
221Alicia Heyer12 FVariation from Flames of ParisON
222Kaeli Pierce12 FVariation from The Sleeping BeautyON
223Eva Krastev12 FFairy Doll VariationOFF
224Elizabeth Leung12 FSwanhilda Variation from CoppeliaON
 15min break 
225Kana Muto12 FVariation from RaymondaON
226Kira Hoshikawa12 FVariation from PaquitaON
227Irina Dubrovska12 FVariation from ballet GiselleOFF
228Eva Sacks12 FGiselle VariationOFF
229Jasmine Van Zoest12 FVariation from PaquitaOFF
230Eliza Vigoren13 FGamzatti Variation from La BayadereON
231Anna Stevenson13 FCandide Fairy Variation from Sleeping BeautyON
232Maria Venezia Arguelles13 FGamzatti Variation from La Bayadere Act 2ON
233Alexandra de Wit13 FFairy Doll VariationOFF
234Natali Filippi13 FSwanhilda Variation from CoppeliaON
235Nicole Shane13 FPaquita VariationON
236Jemimah Shinani Jipos Tac-an13 FDiana Variation from Diana and ActeonON
237Nyla Meekins13 FVariation from PaquitaON
238Lilian Zakaryan13 FVariation from Le CorsaireOFF
239 Jennifer Yu13 FVariation from Don QuixoteON
240Karina Shlionsky13 FTalisman VariationON
241Emma Rowland13 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeOFF
251Marcelo Vergara11 MSwan Lake pas de trois VariationON
Second Classical
Group B
261Ava Fischer11 FVariation from Swan LakeON
262Kaela Backstrom11 FVariation from Fairy DollOFF
263Anna Yudovich11 FVariation from Le CorsaireOFF
264Julianna Veretchak11 FPharaohs Daughter River VariationON
265Sophie Zilberman11 FVariation from ballet Le CorsaireON
266Maria Yakushev11 FVariation from HarlequinadeOFF
267Dasha Derkach11 FVariation from Flames of ParisON
268Silvia Peinado12 FVariation from PaquitaON
269Paris Svigos12 FVariation from ballet La EsmeraldaON
270Zoe Shemet12 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeON
271Jessica Glaws12 FDream variation from RaymondaOFF
272Nadya Veretchak12 FPharaohs Daughter River VariationON
273Elizabeth Leung12 FPas De S’clave VariationOFF
274Kana Muto12 FVariation from La Fille Mar GardeeON
275Irina Dubrovska12 FVariation from ballet RaymondaOFF
276Jasmine Van Zoest12 FVariation from CoppeliaON
277Eliza Vigoren13 FMedora Variation Act 3 from Le CorsaireON
278Nicole Shane13 FVariation from Blue BirdON
279Lilian Zakaryan13 FVariation from GiselleOFF
280Karina Shlionsky13 FVariation from La Fille Mal GardeeOFF
Group C
301Olga Loktev14 FRaymonda VariationON
302Mia Tran14 FLaurencia VariationON
303Joy Chatfield14 FAurora Act III Variation from Sleeping BeautyON
304Ani Ajamian14 FVariation from Diana & ActeonOFF
305SoEun Park14 FVariation from Don QuixoteON
306Shih-en Tseng14 FLe Corsaire Odalisque 2nd VariationON
307Katrina Catten14 FVariation from PaquitaOFF
308Sonja Griffin14 FAwakening of Flora VariationOFF
309Abigail Jenkins14 FVariation from PaquitaON
310Victoria Scott14 FAwakening of Flora VariationOFF
311Kiri Nakano14 FVariation from PaquitaOFF
312Mckenna Johnson15 FVariation from TalismanON
313Maduca Kubo15 FVariation from RaymondaON
314Selene Malench15 FVariation from La EsmeraldaON
 20 min Break 
315Sophia Lynch15 FVariation from La EsmeraldaON
316Joanna Mae Fabricante15 FVariation of GiselleOFF
317Ysabela Beatrice Austria15 FVariation of Swanhilda from Coppelia Act 1ON
318Elianna Price15 FVariation from CoppeliaOFF
319Sydney Jaffe15 FQueen of Dryads VariationOFF
320Chia-Hsin,Liao15 FSwanhilda Variation from CoppeliaON
321Jillian Corson16 FDiana and Acteon VariationOFF
322Zonya Tanada16 FLe Corsaire, Gulnara VariationOFF
323Chen Chi16 FGiselle act 1 VariationOFF
324Li,Chiao-ling16 FDon Quixote Act2 variation -Queen of the DryadsOFF
325Graciela Portillo17 FVariation from Diana and ActeonON
326Rita Malacon17 FVariation of Jeanne Act IV of “The Flames of Paris”ON
327Johanna Marie Yatco17 FAurora Variation Act 3, Sleeping BeautyON
328Nicky Kathleen Gilbert17 FAurora Variation- Sleeping Beauty Act 3ON
329Natalie Gregorich17 FVariation from Walpurgis nactOFF
330Leyla Neslanovic14 FThree Odalisque VariationON
331Melinda Wang14 FVariation from NutcrackerON
332Mia Neslanovic14 FVariation from PaquitaON
333Angela Lee14 FVariation from La BayadereON
334Natalie Caitlin May Umbalin14 FGamzatti Variation from La BayadereON
335Kinu Fukai17 FVariation from CoppeliaON
351Samuel Portillo14 MVariation from Pas D’esclaveON
352James Wray14 MVariation from Swan LakeON
353Ryo Yatogo16 MTalisman VariationOFF
354Aiden Moss16 MCoppelia, act 3 VariationOFF
355Ian Anderson-Conlon17 MSleeping Beauty Act2ON
Group D
401Shiori Ohama18 FFemale’s variation from “the Flame of Paris”ON
402Lin, Li-Hua22 FKitri variation from Don QuixoteOFF
Second Classical
Grouo C
411Mckenna Johnson15 FVariation from SatanellaON
412Olga Loktev14 FKitri VariationOFF
413Ani Ajamian14 FPaquita VariationON
414SoEun Park14 FBlack Swan Variation from Swan LakeON
415Sonja Griffin14 FVariation from La BayadereON
416Abigail Jenkins14 FVariation from La EsmeraldaON
417Selene Malench15 FVariation from Grand Pas ClassiqueON
418Elianna Price15 FVariation from Diana & ActeonOFF
419Jillian Corson16 FFlames of Paris VariationON
420Zonya Tanada16 FLe Corsaire, Odalisque Variation IION
421Graciela Portillo17 FCavalry Halt VariationON
422Johanna Marie Yatco17 FVariation from La EsmeraldaON
423Nicky Kathleen Gilbert17 FPaquita Etoile Ballet VariationOFF
424Natalie Gregorich17 FSleeping Beauty Fairy VariationON
425Leyla Neslanovic14 FVariation from HarlequinadeOFF
426Melinda Wang14 FVariation from PaquitaON
427Mia Neslanovic14 FTalisman VariationON
441Samuel Portillo14 MVariation from PaquitaON
442James Wray14 MVariation from NutcrackerON
Group D
451Shiori Ohama18 FGamzatti’s variation from “La BayadereON
Third Classical
Group A
501Nora Grace Nguyen10 FTaglioni VariationOFF
Group B
511Ava Fischer11 FVariation from RaymondaON
512Dasha Derkach11 FAurora variation from Sleeping BeautyON
513Natali Filippi13 FGamzatti Variation from La BayadereON
Group C
531Mckenna Johnson15 FKitri VariationOFF
532JOHANNA MARIE YATCO17 FVariation from Giselle Act 1OFF
15 min break
551TarantellaKaela Backstrom, Corinne Bishay, Parker CarusoOFF
Eden Catten, Keira Conner, Regan Finlay, 
Andri Gronostavskiy, Demiana Wahba 
552PolarizedSydney Jaffe, Erica Mararu, Devyn ChenaultON
Elliot Finn, 
553The TradeJillian Corson, Mia Tran,ON
554Strategical PlanCecilia Aguilar, Riley Blore, Sophia CollinsON
Kylie Gregory, Anna Michnik, Leyla Neslanovic 
Mia Neslanovic, Vladislava Radziuk, Haley Wallach 
Melinda Wang, Miriam Worley, James Wray 
555SpringLilian Zakaryan, Julianna Veretchak, Nadya VeretchakON
556Touch of HopeElliot Finn, Eva Krastev,ON
557IncarnationHimika Hamada – Cocono Hamada – Sheona FujimoriON
Moonlight Cardone – yashii Velsey – Ayano Brunel 
Natsuura Fukuda – Silvia Peinado, Tsumugi Fukuda 
Ryo Yatogo, Maduca Kubo, Nanami Hara, Fuyuka Kita 
558TRIBEMaria Mikaela Tormon – Rita Malacon -Carmela Sofia DedelON
Joanna Mae Fabricante – Daphne Nicole Duropan 
Ysabela Beatrice Austria – Akira Lydia Abao 
559Manu DanceKira Hoshikawa – Tsukushi Goto – Yua KuboON
560EclipseAlexandra de Wit, Victoria ScottON
561Classical SymphonyCecilia Aguilar, Kaela Backstrom, Corinne BishayON
Riley Blore, Parker Caruso, Eden Catten, 
Katrina Catten, Sophia Collins, Kylie Connell 
Keira Conner, Jillian Corson, Regan Finlay 
Kylie Gregory, Anya Henry, Alexa Jensen 
Elena Martinez, Anna Michnik, Emily Murray 
Michelle Nemoy, Leyla Neslanovic, Mia Neslanovic 
Christina Pizzo, Vladislava Radziuk, Eva Sacks 
Mia Tran, Demiana Wahba, Haley Wallach, 
Melinda Wang, Miriam Worley, Sadie Worley 
James Wray 
15 min break
Group A
601Ava Cerni10 FDark OrchidON
602Silvie Kharatian8 FGhost of SkyON
603Vivien Palmer8 FRed ViolinON
604Carlin Ciocchetti9 FWarrior PrincessON
605Amelie Bott-Suzuki9 FHotaruON
606Pearl van Zoest10 FThe BeginningON
607Clara Crane10 FIntroON
608Sophia Cho10 FWind Up DollON
609Nanami Hara10 FInner BattleON
610Charlene Se10 FReawakenON
Second Contemporary
Group A
651Ava Cerni10 FInterzoneON
Group C 
681Olga Loktev14 FCracked boxON
682Mckenna Johnson15 FSinkingON
683Ian Anderson-Conlon17 MBugg’nON
Group B
701Dariana Yu12 FMinimalistOFF
702Jasmine Van Zoest12 FSunset on KenyaOFF
703Ava Fischer11 FChoosing JoyON
704Faith Batton11 FTransformationON
705Daphne Nicole Duropan11 FVehementON
706Anna Yudovich11 FThe DriftON
707Sophie Zilberman11 FRaven’s LamentON
708Dasha Derkach11 FCrystallizeON
709Norah Meekins.11 FGo All the WayON
710Harper Kennedy11 FThe CrumblingON
711Silvia Peinado12 FSanctuaryON
712Paris Svigos12 FRain CatcherON
713Alexa Billett12 FThe Quality of MercyON
714Zoe Shemet12 FAmazon BirdON
715Jessica Glaws12 FThe WayON
716Sora Inokuchi12 FintermedeON
717Kana Muto12 FMemorieON
718Kira Hoshikawa12 FSilence of ShadowON
719Irina Dubrovska12 FSerenadeON
720Eva Sacks12 FMetronomeON
721Eliza Vigoren13 FFollow MeON
722Maria Venezia Arguelles13 FGecko (Tuko)ON
723Alexandra de Wit13 FArrivalON
724Natali Filippi13 FDemandON
725Nicole Shane13 FStarkOFF
726Nyla Meekins13 FMemoriesON
727Lilian Zakaryan13 FCarmenOFF
728Ava Lim11 FTime ForgottenON
729Jennifer Yu13 FLooking OutON
730Anna Stevenson13 MSimulacrumOFF
741Minh Pham Gia13 MInside
Second Contemporary
Group B
751Dariana Yu12 FVivaldiON
15 min Break
Group C
801Olga Loktev14 FIfOFF
802Mckenna Johnson15 FElementsON
803SoEun Park14 FTransitionON
804Sonja Griffin14 FUnboundON
805Abigail Jenkins14 FReflections of My Former SelfON
806Kiri Nakano14 Fwhat the tribe told meON
807Maduca Kubo15 FDistanceOFF
808Selene Malench15 FDreamsON
809Sophia Lynch15 FI’m SpiegelON
810Elianna Price15 FHostageON
811Maria Mikaela Tormon15 FAu Claire De LuneON
812Sydney Jaffe15 FReignON
813Jillian Corson16 FDriftingON
814Chen Chi16 FMirageOFF
815Graciela Portillo17 FGreen RoomsON
816Nicky Kathleen Gilbert17 FForget you notOFF
817Natalie Gregorich17 FCello Concerto in F MajorON
818Leyla Neslanovic14 FELANOFF
819Melinda Wang14 FAlmost IdyllicON
820Mia Neslanovic14 FThe UntoldON
821Angela Lee14 FAutomatedOFF
822Natalie Caitlin May Umbalin14 FSmoke Gets in your EyesON
831Samuel Portillo14 MMaestroON
832Huy Nguyen Duc14 MInnerOFF
833Ryo Yatogo16 MGrowing PainON
834Ian Anderson-Conlon17 MStone ColdON
Group D
851Carmela Sofia Dedel18 FForteON
852Shiori Ohama18 FDocument OneOFF
Third Contemporary
Group C
871Mckenna Johnson15 FA BlessingON
 Pas de Deux  
901Pas de Sclave from La CorsaireBianca Frintu/Antony Holshousera-OFF





9 (Saturday) 8:00 am - 10 (Sunday) 8:00 pm


Scotiabank Convention Centre

6815 Stanley Ave Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3Y9