Chen Wei Ling (陳濰翎)

Chen Wei Ling, 陳濰翎

Chen Wei-Ling Director /Professor: Ballet, Ballet Variation, Hard Shoes Pointe.


.1991-1995 Graduated from the Ballet Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts 【Dance Group】 Hong Kong Ballet 【experience】

.1989 National Zhongzheng Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Champion

.1990 Taipei Governor Ballet's third season and tour performance

.1990 co-starring with the Atlanta Dance Company-Serenade Participated in dozens of on-campus performances at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

.1990 to 1995 In 1995, went to the French International Dance Festival to perform fairy dance drama as the main role and was created by the former Hong Kong Ballet's artistic director [乐在中 In the mood]

From 1995 to 1996, he performed the Snow Queen, The Gardener's Daughter, The Nutcracker, Cinderella and other dance dramas at the Hong Kong Ballet and a tour to Guangzhou.

In 2001, the Taipei International Ballet Company and Guangzhou Ballet Company performed cross-strait cultural exchange performance-B&J

.2001 Taipei Chief Ballet's Tenth Season-Spring Festival Performance and Tour

.2001 Taipei Governor’s Ballet "Rhapsody" touring and performing in the countryside From .1996 to 2002, he taught at Xinpu Junior High School Summer Ballet Teacher, Zhongxing Junior High School Dance Class, Julia Children's Dance Company, Lin Lili Dance Club, Jianzi'ai Dance Club, Datong Kindergarten Dance Teacher, Ci Aiyuan Dance Teacher, Wei Yan Kindergarten Dance Teacher

. In 1999, a short-term cram school for the dance skills of Heying was established-the name of the case: Beifu Jiaoshe Zi No. 0970320006 cram school, so far, more than 10 presentations have been held.

. In 2001, the Heying New Taipei Ballet Company was established-registration name: Beifu Wenfazi No. 1000000946 Since 2000, many outstanding students have been trained to enter elementary, middle and high school dance classes. Formed dance clubs in New Taipei City Wende Elementary School, Banqiao Elementary School, and Juguang Elementary School, and led students to participate in it many times The dance competition won an excellent performance. 2017~2020 Served as an external teacher in the dance class of Puqian Elementary School in New Taipei City Served as the judge of Wuyue Earth in September 2019.

2017~ 2021 Representative / Director of W.B.A.C. GRAND PRIX semi- finals in Taiwan.

Chen Wei Ling (陳濰翎)

Representative / Director of W.B.A.C. GRAND PRIX semi- finals in Taiwan 2017~ 2021

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