Tyler Angell

Tyler Angell
Tyler Angell is an emerging dance artist and choreographer in Toronto. He began his dance training in his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario, where he trained in multiple disciplines of dance under the direction of Margo Hartley.
Tyler relocated to Toronto in 2013 to continue his post-secondary training with The School Of Cadence Ballet. He performed professionally with Cadence Progressive Contemporary Company, dancing in commissioned work for Dance Ontario, and in multiple shows a year including Dance Made In Canada, City Connect, and The Nutcracker.
Other credits include work with: Trip The Light Fantastic, Alysa Pires Dance Projects, Little Pear Garden, Wondersee Entertainment, Nostos Collectives, Louis Laberge-Cotê, The Parahumans, and Jeff Dimitriou.
Tyler’s award winning choreography has been presented on companies throughout Canada. He has created professional work for The School Of Cadence Ballet, Cadence Progressive Contemporary Company, Nostos Collectives, The Parahumans, New Blue Dance Festival, and Halifax Dance Youth Company. Tyler had the amazing opportunity to choreograph for the WBAC Finals Gala in 2017, and is very excited to be back again this year.

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