Online Registration


Fees information:

: All payments in the US dollars.
W.B.A.C. Grand Prix does not accept personal checks.
Participant must pay the appropriate fee with the application or it will not be processed
Accepted methods of payments:
PAY PAL, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS (during registration online)
Payments online: 
All fees must be paid during the registration at the Competition.
All registration forms without payment are not valid.

Fees for Semi-Finals

Registration – $85 per dancer
Solo Variation – $90 each
Solo Contemporary – $90 each
Pas de Deux – $120 per dancer
Small Ensembles (2-4 members) – $40 per dancer
Ensembles (5+ members) – $35 per dancer
Solo Video Registration – $50 per dancer
Ensemble Video Registration – $50 per ensemble

Fees for Video/Photo


  • Package 1………US $ 149.00 (Prices include, 10-pictures, 1-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 2………US $ 249.00 (Prices include, 20-pictures, 2-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 3………US $ 329.00 (Prices include, 30-pictures, 3-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 4………US $ 399.00 (Prices include, 40-pictures, 4-video variation, e-transfer)
  • 1video………. US $ 79.00
  • 2video………. US $ 169.00
  • 3video………. US $ 249.00
  • 4video………. US $ 319.00
  • 10 photos………. US $ 89.00
  • 20 photos………. US $ 179.00
  • Award Ceremony……………….. US $ 99.00
  • After receiving the payment, the digital file will be sent to your e-mail (e-transfer)
    Estimated Delivery time within 1-2 weeks.

Fees for Canada Finals

Registration – $160 per dancer
Solo Variation – $90 each
Solo Contemporary – $90 each
Pas de Deux – $120 per dancer
Small Ensembles (2-4 members) – $40 per dancer
Ensembles (5+ members) – $35 per dancer

Niagara Falls Finals

All participant upon arriving at Niagara Falls must make final registration at:

Place: Marriott on the Falls Hotel – Lobby, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W7


November 2020
The registration starts at 4:00 pm till 9:00 pm
( The teachers/participants will receive the passcard, master class registration number, schedule information)
The guests may purchase 2 days passcard to the Competition and Gala Performance at the hotel lobby
Date: November 2020  Time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Price: CAN $25 dollars.


Must be submitted in MP3 format and send by e-mail: Competitors should use quality recordings of the respective piece.  The File must clearly be labeled with the competitor’s full name, location, and title of the piece. A backup File must be readily available by the competitor. It is the responsibility of each competitor to secure music rights. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SECOND COPY OF EACH FILE WITH YOU DURING COMPETITION ON USB Flash Drive.

The general public is invited to attend the Semi-Finals competition. Tickets/Passcards will be available to purchase during registration time at the theatre.

The Master Classes/workshops are not open to the public.

Master Classes

Master Classes are an integral part of the competition experience and are highly recommended for all participants. The payment for Master Classes is mandatory and is included in the registration fee.

W.B.A.C. Workshops

Train with the world’s best International Ballet Stars and Elite Ballet Teachers.

The workshop will offers for students, introductions to schools, scholarships, summer schools, private company auditions, competition invitations, inspirational experiences.

We encourage all participants to take advantage of this opportunity of learning from highly experienced teachers and fellow competition participants. The payment fee and schedule for the workshop are on the website. Teachers are not permitted to observe Master Classes. 

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