Rules and Regulations


  • Our competition is open for all dance students from 8 – 19 years old and young dancers ages 20 and up.
  • A participant’s age for competition season is determined strictly as of January 1, 2020
  • Participants may enter the competition representing a school or as an independent participant.
  • Participants may enter the competition as solo contestants, as part of an ensemble, or both.
  • To be eligible to participate in the Finals, dancers must be selected from one of the semi-finals or by video. Video files will be accepted through October 15, 2020
  • The participant selected at Semi-Finals has first priority over video audition applicants.
  • WBAC reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants’ performances during the competition for promotional purposes.
  • Registration will be closed when each location’s quota is reached.
  • WBAC has a right to closed or redirects any semi-finals in case of the bad weather, participants registrations, or theaters condition. In this case, a participant can: choose another location or get a “video audition” with no fee. WBAC is not responsible for any travel expenses. There will be no refund of processed payments.
  • WBAC has the right to refuse any application at its discretion.
  • All solo participants have a choice of performing in one or both of the following categories:
    Classical Ballet – (variation must be chosen from the Classical Repertoire List)
    Contemporary Dance – (category includes any solo variation that is not taken from the Classical List)           Pas de Deux – Participants who wish to perform Pas de Deux from the Classical Repertoire List may perform EntireAdagio, Coda and Variation.
  • PLEASE NOTE  Group A, students age 8-10 are strictly prohibited from performing on pointe.

Classical Repertoire List

Note: All copyright negotiations are the responsibility of each participant.

Ballet (Composer/Choreographer)

  • Giselle (Adam/Perrot, Coralli) Variation of Giselle, Act I Peasant Pas de Deux, Pas de Deux Variation from Act II
  • Don Quixote (Minkus/Petipa) All Pas de Deux, Act I, Act II and Act III Variations, All Kitri’s Variations and Queen of the Dryads
  • Le Corsaire (Adam, Drigo/Petipa) Pas d’Esclave and Variations, Odalisques Variations, Jardin Anime, Act III Pas de Deux and Variations
  • Diana & Acteon (Pugni/Vaganova) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • Flower Festival at Genzano (Halsted/Bournonville) Pas de Deux and All Variations
  • Grand Pas Classique (Auber/Gsovsky) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • La Bayadere (Minkus/Petipa) All Variations
  • Coppelia (Delibes/St. Leon) Pas de Deux, all variations
  • La Esmeralda (Pugni/Petipa) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • La Fille Mal Gardee (Hertel/Nijinska, Romanoff) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • La Sylphide (Lovenskjold/Bournonville) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • Paquita (Minkus/Petipa) Any Variation
  • Raymonda (Glazunov/Petipa) All Variations
  • Satanella (Pugni/Petipa) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky/Petipa, Ivanov) Pas de Trois and Variations, Odette’s Variation, Act II Black Swan Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Flames of Paris (Asafiev/Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Nutcracker Suite (Tchaikovsky/Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky/Petipa) All Variations
  • Walpurgis Night (Gounod/Lavrovsky) Pas de Deux and Variations
  • The Talisman (Schnietzhoeffer/Drigo/Petipa) All Variations
  • Napoli All Variations
  • Harlequinade (M. Petipa) Pas De Deux Variations
  • The Fairy Doll Variations

For any other variations not on the list contact us for conformation by e-mail:

Throughout the competition the jury will evaluate a candidate’s potential as a ballet dancer by considering:

  • Presentation
  • Artistry
  • Physical suitability
  • Courage and individuality
  • An imaginative and sensitive response to the music
  • A clear grasp in communicating differing movement dynamics
  • The technical facility, control, and coordination.

Selection to the Finals:

  • All participants will be invited to WBAC Finals, based on score and on judges’ request.
  • PLEASE NOTE: in order to qualify for Finals, each group of the participant must perform at least one classical variation from the repertoire list, provided by Canadian Grand Prix.


  • The winners in the Classical Ballet (Solo and Pas de Deux), Contemporary Dance, Ensembles (All age), and category will be announced separately.
  • The jury of W.B.A.C. GRAND PRIX reserves the right not to present all of the announced awards.

Awards for Dancers include:

Medals – Scholarships – Titles – Cash Prices – Diplomas and other
prizes will be awarded to all competition categories.

Special Awards:

  • W.B.A.C. Elite Scholarship Award
  • W.B.A.C. GRAND PRIX Award-prize
  • Cash Prices Group – A, B, C, D, E
  • Top 5, Top 10, Top 20… .
  • 1st,  2nd,  3rd places
  • Appearance Award
  • Artist Award
  • Best Choreography Award
  • Best Ensemble Award
  • Musicality Award
  • Potential Award
  • Best School Award
  • Best Teacher Award
  • Technique Award
  • Scholarship Award


Group A: 8-10 years old      (Solo)

Group B: 11-13 years old     (Solo)

Group C: 14-17 years old     (Solo, Pas de Deux)

Group D: 18-up years old     (Solo, Pas de Deux)

Group E: Ensemble-Age: (8-up) years old


Classical Solo:  Any Variation from Classical Repertoire List  – up to 2:30 min

Contemporary Solo: up to 2:30 min

Pas-de-Deux: Entry, Adagio, Coda, and Variation: up to 10:00 min

Small Ensemble: 2-4 dancers: up to 3:00 min

Medium Ensemble: 5-10 dancers: up to 3:30 min

Large Ensemble: 10 or more dancers: up to 4:30 min


ALL PAYMENTS in US dollars

W.B.A.C. Grand Prix does not accept personal checks

Participant must pay the appropriate fee with the application or it will not be processed

Accepted methods of payments

PAY PAL, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS (during registration online)

Payments online: 

All fees must be paid during the registration at the Competition.

All registration forms without payment are not valid.

Fees for Semi-Finals

Registration – $85 per dancer

Solo Variation – $90 each

Solo Contemporary – $90 each

Pas de Deux – $120 per dancer

Small Ensembles (2-4 members) – $40 per dancer

Ensembles (5+ members) – $35 per dancer

Solo Video Registration – $50 per dancer

Ensemble Video Registration – $50 per ensemble

Fees for Canada Finals

Registration – $160 per dancer

Solo Variation – $90 each

Solo Contemporary – $90 each

Pas de Deux – $120 per dancer

Small Ensembles (2-4 members) – $40 per dancer

Ensembles (5+ members) – $35 per dancer


  • Package 1………US $ 149.00 (Prices include, 10-pictures, 1-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 2………US $ 249.00 (Prices include, 20-pictures, 2-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 3………US $ 329.00 (Prices include, 30-pictures, 3-video variation, e-transfer)
  • Package 4………US $ 399.00 (Prices include, 40-pictures, 4-video variation, e-transfer)
  • 1video………..US $ 79.00
  • 2video………. US $ 169.00
  • 3video………. US $ 249.00
  • 4video………..US $ 319.00
  • 10 photos…….US $ 89.00
  • 20 photos……US $ 179.00
  • Award Ceremony…………….US $ 99.00

After receiving the payment, the digital file will be sent to your e-mail (e-transfer)
Estimated Delivery time within 1-2 weeks.



Music must be submitted in MP3 format and send by e-mail: Competitors should use quality recordings of the respective piece.  The File must clearly be labeled with the competitor’s full name, location, and title of the piece and ON or OFF stage. A backup File must be readily available by the competitor. It is the responsibility of each competitor to secure music rights. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SECOND COPY OF EACH FILE WITH YOU DURING COMPETITION ON USB Flash Drive.



When applying for Semi-Finals, participants’ registration forms must be postmarked no later than 15 days prior to the date of the competition.

When applying for Semi-Finals Video Audition, participants’ registration forms and video files must be postmarked no later than 30 days prior to the date of the Finals. competition.

When applying for the Finals, participants must submit their registration forms no later than 30 days prior to the date of the Finals. And Semi-Finals witch on the close date to the Finals, no late than the next day after getting Semi-Finals results.

Registrations received after the cut-off dates may be refused. For all changes submitted after registrations in the competition will be subject to a $35.00 change fee.


Participant must pay the appropriate fee with the application or it will not be processed


W.B.A.C. does not accept return receipt-requested mail. Confirmation of receipt of each participant’s registration materials will be sent to participants at the e-mail address indicated on their application forms within 10 days of receipt of the materials by the W.B.A.C. office. If you have not received a confirmation within 15 days of sending your materials, contact the WBAC office by e-mail at


The general public is invited to attend the Semi-Finals competition. Tickets/Pass-cards will be available to purchase during registration time at the theater.

The Master Classes/workshops are not open to the public.

Niagara Falls Finals 2020

All participant upon arriving at Niagara Falls must make final registration at:

Place: Marriott on the Falls Hotel – Lobby, 6755 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3W7

Date: ……………… Time:  The registration starts at 4:00 pm till 9:00 pm
( The teachers/participants will receive the pass-card, master class registration number, schedule information)
The guests may purchase 2 days pass-card to the Competition and Gala Performance at the hotel lobby
Date: November 8, 2019  Time: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Price: CAN $25 dollars.

Master Classes

Master Classes are an integral part of the competition experience and are highly recommended for all participants. The payment for Master Classes is mandatory and is included in the registration fee.



W.B.A.C. GRAND PRIX  Workshops.

Train with the world’s best International Ballet Stars and Elite Ballet Teachers

The workshop will offer students, introductions to schools, scholarships, summer schools, private company auditions, competition invitations, inspirational experiences.

We encourage all participants to take advantage of this opportunity of learning from highly experienced teachers and fellow competition participants. The payment fee and schedule for the workshop are on the website. Teachers are not permitted to observe Master Classes. Parents are not permitted to observe Master Classes and Workshop.



There will be no refund of processed payments.


Schedule 2020

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